Review of “She Loves Me He Loves me Not” by Zeenat Mahal


I was on cloud nine when I received the ARC copy of this book. At first I could not even believe that one of my favourite author has decided to share her book with me before it even hits the bookstores. It is the best Christmas gift I could have ever received. Thank you so much Zeenat Mahal for this beautiful gift. I am honoured to receive the ARC copy of the book.

I feel that Zeenat is one of the most promising upcoming authors in Asia. The first thing that struck me in Zeenat’s books was the flow and the meticulous planning of the story. She builds realistic situations, characters and manages to keep the reader hooked. Her writing style is engaging, simple and brings the story to life in the minds of the readers.

The earlier two books (Haveli and The Contract) were very good but this book is even better.

What I like most about Zeenat’s books is that her heroines don’t need the rescuing from the hero. They are strong enough to get what they want.

Though she has been writing love stories but these love stories are lot different from the regular ones. Her books have an edge to them which is normally missing from the books of new authors. One more thing worth mentioning here is that most of the new authors seem to lose the grasp on their stories but itโ€™s not the case with Zeenat. She is definitely growing as an author with each book of her.

I have earlier said in my blog that she is the best author of the IndiReads team and today again I am going to say the same thing. All I wish now is that the hard copies of her books are available soon in the market so that more and more people can read her books.

Now coming to the main topic here i.e. the review of the book.
This is the story of Zoella who can bring happiness to anyone’s life. She is just like a little Miss Sunshine and has the heart of gold. She is beautiful inside and out, she is like a Saint who can see a Prince in the Beast. She has always given away love without even asking much in return. But as good as she is, as bad is her family. Neither does her family love her, nor do they respect her. Only one person who brings happiness in her life, is her best friend Swaba. She loves her like her own sister and her family treats her like their own daughter. Swaba’s home is one place where she can forget all her worries and can enjoy life. But what make Swaba’s home more special is Swaba’s brother Fardeen Malik. Zoella has been in love with him since the age of ten. She has always dreamt of the day when Fardeen would finally notice and fall in love with her. But he does not even seem to remember her name and soon is getting married to his girlfriend, Neha. But fate plays a cruel game on Malik’s family and Fardeen has to marry Zoella.

Zoella has always dreamt of this day but still she is not happy. She knows that Fardeen will always love Neha and not her. She has always been in love with Fardeen, since the tender age of ten. She has wanted to be part of his life. She has always wanted to marry him. But when it finally came true, nothing was right. Her smile, her happiness was taken away. The fairy tale she always dreamt of turned into a nightmare. The little Miss Sunshine was turned into the ragged doll. A girl who could easily bring smile on others sad faces forgot to smile herself. What actually made all this happen? To know that you will have to read the book as telling much about the story would spoil the fun.

Instead of telling the story I would definitely love to share my favourite moments from the book and I would love it if you could also do the same. Well, my top most favourite moment is when Fardeen invites Neha to his home for dinner and the whole Malik family stand next to Zoella, making their position very clear as whose side they were on and their open disapproval of Fardeen. Her father in law even offers to throw Fardeen out of the home for night.

I also loved the moments shared by Swaba, Fardeen and Salaar. The sibling moments have been portrayed very beautifully. It was like reading about my own siblings. All the teasing and fighting moments shared by them were very real and fun to read.

Even the dialogues shared by Fardeen and Zoella are so filled with passion that I could actually imagine them having that conversation in front of me. I hope one day I would get to see a movie based on the book. Till then I would continue to enjoy reading this book. You won’t believe this but I have already read this book thrice and I am sure I am going to read this book again very soon.

4 thoughts on “Review of “She Loves Me He Loves me Not” by Zeenat Mahal

  1. Zeenat Mahal says:

    dear Priti
    Thank you so much for your lovely words of love and support. You are one of my very first readers from Haveli to SLMHLMN and honestly and truly, it means a lot. Many thanks for reading and reviewing my books.

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