Review of 32 Seconds by Johanna K. Pitcairn

In today’s world we all are living a life full of stress, tensions and anxiety. Most of us have actually forgotten about the meaning of true happiness. Some of us are so wrapped up in anger that we are actually damaging our life. The anger is taking a toll on our lives. Even the recent surveys have suggested that the level of happiness is decreasing with every year. More progressive is the country, less is the level of happiness.

I know you are reading this blog so that you can read a bit about the book. How it is? Is it worthy enough to be bought and to be read? Well, answering to your question; Yes, this book is great and should be read by everyone. It’s not just a book but something more and the reason I am saying this is that this book will help you to reconnect with your friends and family and the world you are living in right now.

Julie Jones is a teenager, who has been mostly lonely in her life with very few friends. Her life is full of troubles but instead of facing her troubles she is always running away from them. She is too stubborn to face her problems and refuse the counsellor’s help. She is so filled with anger that she is pushing out the people from her life and might even be arrested for her recent actions.
At this time she meets the Mighty Listener who wants to help her to face the ghosts of her past and to help her from destroying her life. More than this I won’t be talking much about the story of the book as that might spoil the fun.

All I want to tell you is that this book is a must read for everyone as this is even better the self-help books available in the stores. I have always hated preaching but once in a while I get to read a book which has a very powerful message which is valuable to me. This book is one of those. This book helped me to look at my life and think hard about my own actions and how it has impacted my life and others. This book definitely falls into the category of the book that not only entertain us but also leaves a long term positive impact on our lives. The author has a great style of writing and she will definitely cast a spell on you. You won’t be able to keep down the book until you have finished it.

I loved the way the author portrayed Julie’s anger, insecurity, her unease to fit into the perfect little world. The way Julie tries to fight off her addiction and tries to remember the memories which she has buried down a long time ago will stir the emotions in your heart. You would want to help her find happiness again and may even be forced to think about your own past. Julie’s journey into the past is not an easy one but she tries her best to fight off the demons in her past and to feel the love again.

I have given this book 5/5 stars and this book totally deserves that. This book is a must read for all readers of all ages and genders. I am sure you will definitely learn something new about your own life after reading the book and it will have. A positive impact on your life as it had on mine.



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