Happy B’Day R.K. Narayan ji

"Who's the man behind the book on our doodle in India? It's Malgudi's native son, famed Indian writer RK Narayan. Narayan is a well-known pioneer of early Indian literature and set most of his stories in the fictional town of Malgudi. Happy 108th birthday to RK Narayan!," says Google describing the doodle posted on its … Continue reading Happy B’Day R.K. Narayan ji


Ten Interesting Things about Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Westonsuper-Mare is a former politician. He was a Member of Parliament but resigned over a financial scandal which left him almost bankrupt. While he was at Wellington School his mother, Lola, wrote a column "Over the teacups" to the local press in Weston-super-Mare and wrote about the adventures of … Continue reading Ten Interesting Things about Jeffrey Archer