Treacherous Lady

It is the story of two men with broken hearts, Rajan was left by his fiancée Priya and Mohit was left by his college sweetheart Anu. None of them get the closure and were left with lots of unanswered questions. Fate brings them together and they help each other to move on in life. Left … Continue reading Treacherous Lady


Written in the Stars

I was not even over my hangover of the book “To kiss a Sunbeam” when I got to read this book. I loved the book so much that I read it twice, that too back to back. I totally loved the book. The story was so innocent and so heart touching. I actually cried reading … Continue reading Written in the Stars

Legal Bond

  Author: Nithya Sashi Publisher: Pageturn Publisher Pvt. Ltd. Review: Legal Bond is a sweet simple story of a young, beautiful, bubbly girl Maya who is living in Chennai with her family. She is daddy’s little girl and wants to make a career first for herself before getting married and settling for good. But fate … Continue reading Legal Bond


Author: Supriya Parulekar Publisher: Pageturn Publisher Pvt. Ltd. Review: Dreamcatcher is a story set in the backgrounds of the Bollywood and it is nevertheless than any masala Bollywood movie. It’s a story of Ayanna who has come to Mumbai to look for her sister Toyoja who has disappeared two years ago and no one has … Continue reading Dreamcatcher