He Loves Me Not

  Author: Vrushali Telang Publisher: Random House India Summary: He Loves Me Not is a story of two youngsters Jimmy and Meharoo. Jimmy is a young good looking guy who is highly irresponsible and doesn’t care about anyone or anything except his looks and his hair. Meharoo is a plain looking simple girl who has … Continue reading He Loves Me Not

Legal Bond

  Author: Nithya Sashi Publisher: Pageturn Publisher Pvt. Ltd. Review: Legal Bond is a sweet simple story of a young, beautiful, bubbly girl Maya who is living in Chennai with her family. She is daddy’s little girl and wants to make a career first for herself before getting married and settling for good. But fate … Continue reading Legal Bond


Author: Supriya Parulekar Publisher: Pageturn Publisher Pvt. Ltd. Review: Dreamcatcher is a story set in the backgrounds of the Bollywood and it is nevertheless than any masala Bollywood movie. It’s a story of Ayanna who has come to Mumbai to look for her sister Toyoja who has disappeared two years ago and no one has … Continue reading Dreamcatcher

The Almond Tree

  Author: Michelle Cohen Corasanti Publisher: Fingerprint Publisher How often we all discuss about the world politics, the wars sitting around the coffee tables. We argue endlessly to express our views to convince others that we care about the atrocities which are being done on our fellow human beings. But a very few of us … Continue reading The Almond Tree

The White Tiger

Review of the bookAdiga’s first book “The White Tiger” is a tale of two Indias, and reveals what happens when inhabitants of one collude with those of the other. The book describes Balram’s journey from darkness of village life to the light of entrepreneurial success is utterly amoral, brilliantly irreverent, deeply endearing and altogether unforgettable. … Continue reading The White Tiger