Review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This is the story of Nick Dunne whose wife disappears on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary. As per the rule, husband i.e. Nick is the number one suspect. During the process of investigation, a new secret is revealed to Nick everyday. There are things that he does not know about his beautiful wife, Amy. There are friends of Amy’s who say that Amy was afraid of him but he never even knew that his wife had them as her friends. He is told about the good deeds his wife has done but he had never ever witnessed her doing those good deeds.
But it’s not only his wife who has been hiding secrets from him. Nick has his own share of secrets too which might even lead to his arrest.
So what is the true story? What is real?

Review: This book is simply amazing. It’s dark and twisted and a gripping tale which would keep you intrigued till the last word of the book. I have become a fan of Gillian Flynn after reading this book. The author has so much hold at each and every word of the book and each character seems to be so authentic and sometimes scaring too. At times I would get so engrossed in the book that I would even forget to breathe. Gillian Flynn has created an excellent psychological thriller and has made the book so compelling that it would actually mess with your mind.
Till the end you won’t be able to guess the story. The ending is totally unconventional and unexpected. The author would keep you captivated all the time and the moment you would feel that you know the story. Wham! She would throw one more surprise your way and you would be left perplexed. You would be stunned.

So guys, if you have not read this book yet. Please grab your copy asap and read the book. Also, those out there who have watched the movie but have not read the book then please do give it a try. I am sure you would even enjoy the book more.


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