Review of Golden Heat

When I started reading the book, I was quite excited as this book is not only about the romance but also about the treasure hunt. I was sure that it would be an interesting read and I think that’s what worked against the book. My expectations were quite high. I was expecting an amazing love story with lots of suspense and thriller and when I read the book with these expectations, I couldn’t enjoy the book much. Moreover, I feel the book could have done with some more editing. There are too many sentences in the first person format that it gets quite irritating at times.

But if you read the book with an open mind, you would definitely enjoy the love story of Andy and Bernie. Both of them are dominating in ways and enjoy their independence a lot. That’s why when these two decide to commit to each other, you could feel the efforts that they must have made in taking such a big step. The sexual tension between the two is intense and whenever these two meet, sparks are flying everywhere. Andy’s and Bernie’s love story is quite interesting, both of them love each other a lot and are ready to do anything for each other but inspire of all that they don’t seem to trust each other and that’s what work against their beautiful relationship. 

The story is quite interesting with romance, treasure hunt and a stranger whose identity is unknown at the starting but this stranger would become most important part of the book as the story progresses. The book starting is good but somewhere in the middle it goes off the track but very quickly the author gets hold of the story and the book is back on the track.    

2 thoughts on “Review of Golden Heat

  1. Ju says:

    Thanks for hosting my book, FieryPriti. I’m glad you found something in the story to connect with, but I”m even happier that I was able to, pull it all together. Much love! 🙂


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