Review of “The Activist and The Capitalist” by Vibha Batra

I haven’t met anyone yet who would have been able to explain to me that how exactly they fell in love. The most common answer is that it just happened. That exact moment is difficult to explain. Definitely there are moments when you know something has happened, you experience a magical feeling which gives you goosebumps. But still you won’t able to explain when exactly you fell in love with person. It is usually very late when you realise that you are madly in love with a person. Your friends are definitely picking up the signs and if you ask them they can tell you exact moment when you started acting differently.

Well that’s love. You loose your heart to someone. Just like that. No analysis is done, no practical decisions are made. Love just happens.

“Anusha had always wondered what it would feel like, loving someone with her all heart and being loved the same way. All her life she had longed for true love, craved a soul mate she could be herself with, someone she could bare her soul to.”

What she didn’t know that she has already fallen in love with Jai on that fateful night at beach. Jai is totally opposite to her. She is an activist who fights for the restoration of the old monuments and buildings. She wants to preserve country’s heritage. On the other hand, Jai is a capitalist. He demolishes old buildings to create new and modern buildings. He is a true businessman but like Anusha he has also been struck by Cupid on that magical night at beach. He has poured down his feelings, talked to her about the things which he has kept bottled up in his heart for a long time. That one moment when Anusha had hugged him, has been the best moment of his life. Unlike Anusha he knew that very moment that he has fallen in love with her. He wanted to know more about her, wanted to spend more time withe her, wanted to share his pain and happiness with her but she disappeared completely without even telling him her name. 

Since that day Jai has been looking for her and the irony of the situation is that he finds her in front of the building, he wants to recreate. She is leading the group who is fighting against the demolition of the building. She is the activist who have been creating all the hurdles for him.

Both Anusha and Jai are on totally opposite sides but their hearts beat for each other. They may try to act practical but they can’t control their feelings for each other. As the story progresses, it becomes more and more interesting and captivating.

I loved this book so much that I read it twice. I like strong female characters and Anusha is no damsel in distress. She can easily fight for herself, even she is ready to fight for Jai when he is in trouble. Jai is sweet, handsome and caring. He does not mind expressing his feelings, he is quite open about them and that’s what I loved most about him.

I have enjoyed the book to the fullest. The author will not let you be distracted even for a moment. All the characters are well defined and written in an excellent way.   

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