Book Review of Siren’s Call

This book has everything, love, drama, suspense, thrill, magical creatures and lots of super fictional stuff. When I decided to sign up for its review, I thought it will be a simple story of a guy falling in love with the mermaid. But I was totally wrong. This book is a complete package. I enjoyed reading each and every word of it. I was so much hooked to the book that I could not stop reading it despite the fact it was late in night, I was feeing sleepy and my eyes were paining badly. Only thing going back in my mind was that I have to finish the book. I had to know what will happen next. It was as if the book has done a spell on me and I just couldn’t stop reading it.

This is the story of Nash, a Native American who has this strange power to communicate with animals but he does not like to acknowledge this and neither does he acknowledge the fact that he might have some more powers. He does not believe in magic, spirits or even the magical creatures like mermaids. 
Lily is his childhood friend and is a mermaid. No one knows why Lily is so beautiful and why every guy is attracted towards her and the effect her voice has on anyone. Lily has always been looking for her true love and in the process she has kissed too many wrong frogs, thus getting a title of the slut in their small town. Her mother wants her to return to sea and marry her own kind. But Lily is insistent on finding her true love on land itself, just as her sisters have found their soulmates. 

The moment Lily sees Nash, she is attracted towards him but her beauty and voice have no effect on him. He wants to avoid her and Lily is determined to find out the reason for same. Just like Lily Nash also has his own secrets. 

What impact will their secrets have on their lives? Will they be able to trust each other to share their secret? Will they be able to pass the test of love?


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