Review of Twelve Red Herrings by Jeffrey Archer


Blurb: The book comprises of twelve short stories, namely Trial and Error, Cheap at Half The Price, Dougie Mortimer’s Right Arm, Do Not Pass Go, Chunnel Vision, Shoeshine Boy, You’ll Never Live to Regret It, Never Stop on the Motorway, Timeo Danaos, An Eye for An Eye and One Man’s Meat.

An imprisoned man is convinced that his murdered victim is actually alive. This forms the plot of one of the book’s stories. The next is about a female driver who is continuously followed by a person in another vehicle. Another story is about a young artist who gets the biggest possible break in her career. One of the other stories is about how a restless beauty succeeds in pulling off a birthday celebration that is absolutely perfect. In the final story of this collection, the author has offered his readers a choice of four endings.

My thoughts: Twelve red herrings is a short storybook by the mater story teller Jeffrey Archer. Though these are short stories but for me each story was like a single book in itself. After reading each story I would take a break as I would be so immersed in the story, I could never start another story till after a small break. I always take pride in completing a book in one go. But it took me twelve days to complete this book as I read one story each day.

As usual is the case with Jeffrey Archer’s books, this too is a master piece. You won’t get bored with any of the story and will definitely enjoy all of them. The best part of the book is that there are stories of all kinds like suspenseful, thriller, romantic, comedy. This book is a complete package. In fact the last story has various endings and you could pick anyone you like. In this story the author has given you the freedom to decide about the ending of the story.

If I am asked which story I loved the best is Eye for an Eye. It’s actually a marvellous story with a very unexpected ending. The second favourite old be Don’t stop on the motorway. It’s a very interesting story with a very peculiar ending. I won’t be telling much about the stories as that might spoil the fun. 

All I want to say is that please buy this book and read it. Especially those of you who buy books based on the thickness of the book rather than the author should definitely read this book. You will have fun reading the book and won’t be stressed by the fact that you have to finish a thick book. Like me you can take the leisure of finishing the book in twelve days.
Enjoy the book.  

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