Bootie and the Beast

bootie and the beast

In the book It’s your Move Wordfreak we read about the love story of Alisha and Arjun and at the end of the book we are given a hint that something is cooking up between Krish and Diya but then the book ended with the marriage of Alisha and Arjun. If you are eager to know about what happened between Krish and Diya then you should definitely read this book.

We all know what a fashionista Diya is and what more, she is now one of the topmost model of India. We are aware how crazy Diya can be but what we didn’t know was that Diya is a true believer of fairy-tales. She has grown up believing in fairytales and has been waiting for her prince to take her to their little palace where they will live happily ever after. Diya Mathur, the dreamer has always been in love with Krish Menon but Krish has always regarded her as friend and nothing more than that,

Krish is atypical Menon, he is a lot like Alisha who does not believe in happy endings and feels that marriages are not for him. That’s why he is still single and has no plans to settle down any sooner. Alisha has always been open about her feelings about their parents’ divorce but Krish has always kept his emotions hidden from everyone. No one knows how badly he was affected by the divorce and the effect it had on his life. Krish is always afraid that he has some part of his father in him and is always worried that he might turn into an alcoholic like him.

So what happens when due to some complicated and unavoidable circumstances, Diya ends up at his place for few weeks. Will Diya’s fairytale come true after all or not?

Review: If “It’s your move Wordfreak” was about scrabbles then this book is all about fairytales, prince, princesses, ogres, elves. Once again Falguni has played very well with the words to give us a very sweet and beautiful love story. I learned some more new words from the book. I did enjoy the book but first part of the book focuses too much on the fairy-tales and it gets bit irritating sometimes. Actually I have compared the book too much to the “It’s your move Wordfreak” and I must say I enjoyed the game of scrabbles more than the fairy-tales.

About the title: If you are wondering why the book is titled “Bootie and the Beast”, well that’s because it’s a little bootie that Diya is pictured buying creates a scandal which forces her to stay with the “Beast” a.k.a Krish.


 Read the book, you will enjoy it.

Author: Falguni Kothari

Genre: Mills & Boon

Publisher: Harlequin

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