Losing my Virginity and other Dumb Ideas

Losing My virginity and other dumb ideas

Losing My Virginity and other Dumb Ideas by Madhuri Banerjee is a story of a 30 yrs old virgin, Kaveri. Just like her name Kaveri is a beautiful and simple girl with the captivating eyes. She is well educated, well versed and well-travelled. Her father is an IFS officer, so she has sort of travelled the whole world.

At one point, Kaveri gets tired of all the travelling and decides to settle down in Mumbai. She rents a one bedroom apartment and lives all alone. She loves her independence and works as a freelance interpreter for various embassies.  Her favorite is Italian embassy because they serve the best coffee. Yes, Kaveri is a coffeeholic and chocoholic too and loves to eat all types of muffins and pastries. She tends to eat more when she is stressed or anxious, which is quite often. Thus, she puts on extra weight which she is always complaining about. She has hired too many diet specialists, tried all sorts of regimes and exercises but does not loose even an ounce of the weight. Well her regimes are not faulty but its Kaveri’s complete lack of will to fully complete any of the regimes. She spends more time in cafes munching on muffins and coffee than she should be spending in the gym.

So, one such day, actually on her thirtieth birthday Kaveri is sitting all alone in her favorite café relishing her favorite coffee and muffin that she decides, that it’s a high time. She has waited for her true love for too long now and now is the time to take matter into her own hands now. She needs to lose her virginity as soon as possible. To her rescue comes her best friend, Aditi who starts hooking her up with guys.

The story starts at her thirtieth birthday and ends at her thirty-first birthday. In a period of one year her life has changed completely, she has not only lost her virginity but ended up having sex at all sorts of places; even inside the restroom of cafe and hot air balloon. But that’s not all; Kaveri has gained the courage to put her out there and has come out of her shell to experience all the colors of the life. She has even succeeding in losing some of those extra ounces.

Review: I have read another book by Madhuri Banerjee, “Advantage Love” and as much as I enjoyed that book. I enjoyed this one too. There are many similarities in both, such as that both the protagonists are shy and sexually inexperienced and once they experience the sex they won’t mid making the first move. Both have a non-judgmental best friend who acts an emotional anchor for them and both have an estranged relationship with their parents who are highly qualified. Well, that’s my observation.

I love Madhuri’s style of writing; she has panache to portray both sides of her character so well that you can easily relate to them. Mostly I have seen writers describing their main characters as the most perfect person. I am actually tired of reading about those little Miss Perfect. But Madhuri does not shy away from giving you a peek into their faults and that’s what I love most about her books. After all none of us is perfect and have faults which make us who we are.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone but with one piece of advice: “Try not to be judgmental while reading the book”.

Author: Madhuri Banerjee

Publisher: Penguin metro reads

Genre: Fictional

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