Review of Falling for Emma by Alix Nichols

It is a short novella, a sweet and cute love story. It is a story which you can read when you are taking a small break from your work, your busy schedule or your hectic life. This story will bring a smile to your face and will give you joy.

Cyril, a young and famous musician met with a horrible accident and lost his sense of seeing and hearing. Technology did help him to hear things but he has lost his sight completely and with this he lost his passion for music. No longer he enjoys music, he has lost the desire to create songs. Worst part is that his girlfriend has left him at the time when he needed her the most. Forced to be depended upon others for even small things has made him bitter and sad. He is depressed all the time and has even forgotten what it feels like to laugh or even smile.

At this time, Emma comes in his life like a ray of sunshine and brings hope and happiness back in his life. With Emma, he feels that life does matter and he wishes to enjoy life again.

But who is Emma and why does she holds herself responsible for his accident? Will Cyril still love her after knowing that she has deceived him??

My take: It’s a sweet love story written beautifully and you will definitely enjoy it. Even though it’s a short story but even then all the characters have been defined very well and you can easily imagine each one of them. I loved it and I am sure you will love it too.


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