Review of “It Happens” by Karan Sharma



During our childhood days, we tend to have these crushes on people older than us that fade as we grow up. We never act upon them but they remain as memories that we always cherish.

But what happens when two adults with such an age difference fall in love?

It Happens is a story about how Gautam, a twenty-five-year-old upcoming professional and Roshni, an unmarried thirty-seven-year-old senior management member working in the same multinational bank, face this very question. Can two people with such a vast age difference be compatible?

The story is a romantic comedy that explores this situation in a light-hearted way as they fall in love, get laughed at by their friends and then develop cold feet, thinking about the repercussions their age difference could have on their marriage. Since this happens in India, where marriage is a major social issue, the plot holds further intrigue.

They say love is blind and makes one think with the heart, rather than the mind. Will two smart professionals make a mistake by doing so? Or will they listen to their logical senses at the last moment to avert what may be the biggest blunder of their lives?
It Happens…

My Thoughts:

I remember watching Lamhe when I was in my teens and I could never understand why the movie didn’t work. I actually loved the movie but I failed to understand why the movie didn’t work. It was only later I came to know that the real reason for the movie not working was that the movie showed a love story between two people who had age difference which was frowned upon by the so called society.

What our society fail to understand is that when two people are in love they don’t see the age, class, race or cast etc. difference. Love is blind and makes one think with the heart, rather than the mind. That is what I actually loved about this book, the author wrote about a topic which society frowns upon.

I loved reading this different romantic story and I think more and more authors must write on topics which are considered taboo by our society like age difference or may be even a gay love story.

I loved the writing style of the author, the language used is simple. The story is interesting  and has been beautifully written wwhere we can see how the people around us and the society influence our decisions and have impact on our lives. Worst, we let people effect our lives even when we are truly in love.  Its a beautiful romantic story which also talks about the friendship and how true love knows no boundaries.

The characters in the book are not so many and the author has written them well. The story has a good flow but I still feel that this book could have been better. I wish the author best and I am sure he will be writing more good books in future.


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