Review of Let’s Start with Forever

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Enter a world of glamour, wealth and beautiful people. Enter the world of the Sehgal family and friends. A brand new series of books!

A perfect one-night stand is never supposed to mean more…But it did, for her!

RAASHI DEEWAN runs a successful chain of restaurants. Her recipe for life is simple – dream big and work hard. Growing her business is her sole focus until Sameer Sehgal walks back into her life. He had pursued her relentlessly, once. She had fallen for him, once, and then he had walked away. Now, she wants nothing to do with him.

Hotel magnate, SAMEER SEHGAL always gets what he wants. He has a dream and Raashi Deewan holds the key to its success. Unfortunately for him, Raashi has no interest in helping him. Convincing her to work with him is a challenge, one he is more than happy to take on. But Raashi is difficult to impress and hard to persuade. The more their paths cross, the more he realizes that maybe letting her go was the biggest mistake of his life.
Will Raashi forgive Sameer? Will Sameer fulfill his dream? Find out more in this book of love and second chances.

Let’s Start with Forever is the second book in the Sehgal family and friends saga. It can be read as a stand-alone. If you like reading strong characters in stories centered on family and friends then you will love this series of books.

***My Thoughts***

The moment I finished with the book “Take a chance on me”, I was eager to read about Rashi and Sameer and I am glad I didn’t have to wait long as the second book in Sehgal Family and Friends Saga series had just released. Ever since that special moment on Yacht, I have been waiting to read about Rashi and Sameer. I must say I loved reading about these two a lot.

After reading the first book, I knew it very well that Janak always protect his angels but it’s only after reading this second book, I realized that Janak would do anything to make his angels happy. Well I won’t spill the beans and you would have to read the book to find out what I actually meant.

I just have  a request, please do read the first book before reading this book. Trust me, you would enjoy this book even more if you would have read “Take a chance on me”, the first book in Sehgal Family and Friends Saga. 

I need not say that author’s style of writing and bringing characters to the life is definitely excellent but what I liked most in both the books is a bit of suspense and the way you keep waiting for the next suspense to unfolds. The way author builds up your interest in the story and make you hold on to the book until its over if commendable.

The author knows how to write beautiful romantic stories weaved with family bonds and friendship. It’s not just about the two protagonists but her story gives enough importance to all other characters as well. Rishi, Twins, Jiya all get special attention in the story. The story won’t be complete without these guys. I wish author writes about Rishi too. He seems too carefree and flamboyant and I would love to see him falling head over heels for a girl.

Though my favorite is always going to be the story of Keya and Kabier but I immensely enjoyed the story of Rashi and Sameer too. Poor Ritwik, the Sehgal boys seem to always take away his friends. I am happy that very soon, I will get to read about Ritwik’s love story too and I am definitely waiting to see if Janak will play a role in Ritwik’s  love life or not.

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