I love “Love Stories”

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I think by now anyone of you who must have visited by blog even once, must have figured out that I am a huge sucker for love stories and that too those with happy endings.

Once a guy told me that I am seem to live in my own world which I have created around the books I read, I am too engrossed in this fantasy world, that I forget to see how bad people in real life could actually be. But tell me one thing with all the stress we go through in our lives, with our hectic work schedules and with relationships failing all around you. Won’t you want to escape to this fantasy land for sometime? Won’t you like to feel that good things do happen? That true love do exist and there are happily ever after.

Reading these silly romantic books (as my dear friends call them), even when I have turned thirty does not make me look like fool. I do read those intellectuals books, I can discuss politics for hours, I can non-stop talk on feminism (I take pride in calling myself female chauvinist). But….

I love love stories. They make me feel happy, they take my stress away, they are cure to my sadness, they turn my bad day into good. Most important of all they make me believe in love. After going through failed relationships, I need something to hang on to and these books help me do that. I do truly believe that loving myself is enough and I am more than happy being alone. But I don’t hate love anymore as I did after my first break-up and that’s only because of these silly love stories.

So my dear friends, those of you find these stories silly and criticize people like me who read these books and praise them a lot. I have an advise for you. Please keep your thoughts to yourselves and let us enjoy our moments with these silly yet lovely love stories.


Picture credit: crazy-frankenstein.com

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