Review of Mrs. Funnybones

mrs funnybones

When I first read the article written by Twinkle Khanna in Times of India, my first thought was where has she been hiding this talent. Her articles were funny, witty, blunt and punched really hard. Reading her articles had become the part of my Sunday routine. I never thought that a person whom I used to think as a typical star daughter would be so good. I know I was being biased and was forming opinions without much knowledge. But how many times have you really found a Bollywood actor to be a good, actually an awesome writer.

Since then I have been following Twinkle Khanna and I realized that not only she is a good writer but an awesome home decorator too. I love the way she styles herself. She does not shy away from speaking her mind (an example of this we witnessed at “Koffee with Karan” chat show.

This book clearly reflects Twinkle Khanna’s personality and gives a peek into her life. Her writing reminds me a bit of Khushwant Singh books, like him she does not think about the people or the society and says what she feels is right.

This book is so funny that I could not stop laughing throughout the book. I am glad that  I read the book alone at home, otherwise reading at public place would have definitely got me the tag of crazy person.

Some of my favourite lines from the book.


This book is a must read for everyone. This will make you laugh and at the same time will make you think about our hypocrite society and what you should do to change it.

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