Review of “The Singham Bloodlines”


The Singham Bloodlines series comprised of total of three books. The stories revolve around three groups of people: Prajapatis, Singhams and Senanis. These stories are full of hatred, revenge, bloodbaths and LOVE. In these lands people brutally murder each other and justice is done by people themselves. There is no law and order in these lands except the rules made by these groups of people themselves. Of all the three groups, Singhams are the strongest and richest and the only one who give equal importance to the people of their land. These stories reminded me a bit of Ram-Leela movie.

I loved all the three books but my favorite is the first book “Bound by Revenge”. This is the story of Abhay Singham and Anika Prajapati. Their love is so intense and knows no boundaries. They give in to each other completely. I loved it how Abhay can be extremely ruthless while serving the justice and meanwhile is the caring and gentle lover to his wife. He is extremely protective of his people, his family and most importantly his wife. His love for Anika has no limits, and that’s what draws me to the story most.

The authors have written a very tightly knitted story with each and every character defined in the most appropriate manner. M V Kasi and P G Van actually brought all the characters to the life. Once I started reading the book, I just could not keep it down. There is always a new surprise around the corner and there are things which I would have never guessed.

The first book is written by both M V Kasi and P G Van, second book is by M V Kasi and third book is by P G Van.

I was somehow lucky that amazon suggested this book to me. All the three books are available on kindle unlimited and can be read for free. So what are you waiting for, download your copy soon and start reading this enticing and thrilling book series.

  1. Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines Book 1)
  2. Bound by Hatred (The Singham Bloodlines Book 2)
  3. Bound By Duty (The Singham Bloodlines Book 3)

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