Review of An Awfully Big Adventure by Aniesha Brahma

An Awfully BIG Adventure_New

About the book: 

Seventeen-year-old Yoshita Ray has stopped believing in happily ever after and fairy tales ever since her mother abandoned her. But now that her father’s married again, Yoshita’s world is turned upside down by her new stepbrother, the ten-year-old true believer, Tanay Mukherjee.

On his tenth birthday, Tanay makes a wish which whisks them away to a magical land where all the fairy tale characters are real! While Yoshita wants to do nothing but leave this place behind, her stepbrother wants to stay.

Will the rather unfortunately timed adventure tear the stepsiblings apart or will it play a hand in bringing them closer together?

Join them on An Awfully BIG Adventure to find out!


My thoughts:

Aniesha’s writing and storytelling was very beautifully done. I’m  a big believer in happily ever afters and I have always loved the fairy tales. When I was a child, I used to love reading those magical stories , and now again I had a chance to read such a magical story. This book reminded me of the various children’s books which I used to enjoy so much. While reading this book I was again lost into the magical world which is full of possibilities. This book is about how extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people.

While this book is written for children, I am sure that adults will also enjoy this story. This book provides an escape from the day to day stress and may be for a short period of times takes us to the magical world full of adventures and happily ever after.

My most favourite part about this book are its characters and the way the author writes about them. These characters reminds me if my childhood and my relationship with my siblings, especially with my brothers.

An Awfully Big Adventure is a short and sweet story that’s bound to leave the reader with a smile on the face.

About the author

Aniesha Brahma_Author Picture (1)

Aniesha Brahma wanted to be an author since she was six years old. She was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She studied in Dolna Day School and completed her college degrees (including MPhil) in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. She works as a social media strategist/marketing executive, is the founder and editor of BUZZ Magazine and blogs (almost) regularly at

Her debut novel was The Secret Proposal. It was followed by The Guitar Girl, When Our Worlds Collide and All Signs Lead Back to You. She has also worked on children’s books like P.C. Chandra’s Awesome Four and General Press’ Children’s Classic Stories. She was part of the UK-India 2017 India Wales’ The Valley, City and Village (VCV) Project and a speaker at Hay Festival 2017. Aniesha is extremely active on social media and you can get in touch with her by writing to her at

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The book is available at and if you are the member of kindle unlimited then you can read it for free.

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