Review of “Maharaja International” by Sundari Venkatraman

maharaja int

Blurb: Ritvik Bansal’s decision to father a surrogate child comes as a total shock to his family, more because he insists that he needs no wife. Two years down the line, Sia Rathod goes to work at Ritvik’s 5-star hotel Maharaja International as the salon manager at Cleopatra’s. They connect instantaneously as sparks fly. After spending time in each other’s company, they take their relationship to the next level. Will Ritvik change his mind about getting married? Even if he does, will Sia agree to become his wife as well as to be mother to two-year-old Aarya? Especially with the kind of past that she never speaks about?

My views: I think I have read all of the books written by Sundari Venkataraman and I must say that I loved all of them. Every time I read her books, I always admire the way that she beautifully captures the harsh realities of the society and the the way she describes some very serious topics in these fiction stories with such an ease. I have also always loved the strong female characters in  her books which are 200% feminine with a strength and confidence which always give me a courage when I am feeling too low.

She is one of the authors who does write fairy tale kinda  love stories  (tall, handsome and a very kind gentleman falling in love with damsel in distress) but with a special spice of her own which makes her books very special.

This book is the third and final part of The Bansal Legacy and though I have read all the three parts, I wanted to start with this one as this book talks about the topic which is very close to my heart.

I have always wanted to be a mother, not a wife to someone but definitely a mother. I don’t want to adopt but want to have my own child. I want to be a mom and I don’t want to wait for the perfect guy to come along. In the book when Ritvik Bansal, owner of Maharaja International announces to his family that he had a baby via surrogacy, the first thought I had was I am also going to have my baby soon.

Ritvik has the Bansal genes and is running a successful hotel in Jodhpur- Maharaja International. He is content with his life and tries to spend as much time as possible with his little daughter, Aarya. He is a great father who adores his little princess and tries to give her all the happiness. He had Aarya because he thought he is never going to find the perfect girl but when he meets Sia, things change for both of them. Sia has a dark past and has gone through a lot but she is a fighter and despite all the dreadful things which she had to experience, she never gave up on life. Both of them are attracted to each other and also has mutual respect for each other.

Their love story has lots of ups and downs but in the end this fairy tale also has a happy ending. I am not going to spill the beans about their story but I must tell you of all the books of Bansal Legacy, I loved this the most.

Thank you Sundari for writing such a beautiful story.

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