Review of “The good The bad and The ridiculous 

Many authors write stories about the people they have met in life, incidents they have experienced or observed from far away. But most of the time while writing these stories they never picture themselves in a negative way. 

But Khushwant Singh is different from all. He loves to criticise people but then he does not shy away from criticising himself also. As he says in the beginning of book that he is a big gossiper and opinionated, that is clearly reflected in each story of his.
It seems at times that he just says whatever comes to his mind without thinking anything. You might find yourself hating and loving him at the same time. His friendship with Sanjay Gandhi and his support to Emergency seems questionable.

The stories are funny, witty and humorous. I know I have kind of used synonyms right now but this is how I felt while reading these completely enjoyable stories. This is the first book of Khushwant Singh which I have read and after reading this I finally understood why is he so famous for his writing.

My dad would tell me stories about Khushwant Singh and would tell me small instances from his writings and I would always feel that who is this person with whom everyone is so fascinated. But despite all this it took me years to read a book written by Khushwant Singh. But now I have finally read a book by him, I am quite eager to read more books by him. 

With this book I have one advice and request that please do read introduction and don’t directly jump to the stories. It’s really good and is actually like a small story of Khushwant Singh life. 

These stories talk about his interaction with many of the famous and non famous people from history and present time. His complicated relationship with Gandhi family or his relationship with his supervisor, his friends and acquaintances. This books talks about them all. 

I am sure all Khushwant Singh fans must have read this book but those of you who like me have still not read any of his books, please do read this one. I am sure you will definitely enjoy this and would be tempted to read more of his books.


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