Review of “Me before you”

Blurb:  Louisa Clark and Will Traynor are the main characters in the book. This book talks about the possibility that whether love can bring two people who had nothing in common together by giving them everything to lose.

Louisa Clark is a simple and ordinary young woman with a very simple and bit boring life. But she wears very colourful and bright coloured clothes with a very different variety of shoes. She is very chatty and cheerful and quite satisfied with the life she has. She likes to be in her comfort zone. When the café that she works in closes down, she realises that she has no employable skills. She takes a job as Will Traynor’s caretaker. Will is wheelchair-bound after an accident, which has turned him into a temperamental and rude being. Before the accident, Will lived life on a large scale, doing big business, engaging in extreme sports, and travelling the world, and now he can’t walk or even feed himself. He is bossy and moody, and convinced that the only thing he has control over is his own death. He even gets a tattoo done with the best before date inked on his body.
When these two meet they don’t seem to like each other much. On many instances, Louisa thinks of leaving the job but she can’t as her family needs money. Eventually Will and Louisa learn a lot from each other and changes each other’s lives.

My views:

 Some books give you happiness, make you smile and bring a positive energy around you. If I am allowed to say some books give you a high and at that time no matter what wrong may happen, you still feel happy. Very few books have such an effect on me and “Me Before You” is such a book.

When I started reading this book, I was having a very bad day and I was actually afraid to read this as I thought this book might make me sad. I am a romantic at heart and believe in happy endings and being together forever and ever. But the moment I started reading this book I felt a positive energy around me and there was a big smile on my face. This book gives you hope, makes you believe that if you believe you can achieve anything you want.

While you will continue to read this book, you will realise that it’s actually Will who is helping out Louisa. He helps her to gain confidence and start enjoying life again. He helps her to see the world from a very different view point.

All the characters of the book have equal significance and have been written very well. Whatever praise I might do for the book will fall short. This book is just amazing and is a must read for everyone. For all those who love reading self help books, this book is must. It’s a self help book with lots of entertainment.

Normally it’s always the book which I love more than the movie, but somehow in this case I love both movie and book equally. I actually bought the book after watching the trailer. But somehow couldn’t get time to read it and meanwhile movie got released and I watched it first. But watching movie before didn’t spoil the book at all for me, instead it made it more fun.

Do read this book, I am sure you would love it,

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