Review of “The Madras Affair”


I have always liked Sundari Venkatraman books. The stories she writes are a lot more than the love stories. These are the stories about the women empowerment, the struggle they face. Each story written by her always gives a different message. She makes these serious topics so interesting that you not only enjoy the story but you also feel like fighting for the cause. She has written about gays, child marriage, girl child and this time it’s widow remarriage.Though India seems to have progressed too much but widow remarriage is still a taboo in our society. A girl is considered a burden till she is married off and once married, she has no right on her own family and her home. Since birth she is considered a “Paraya Dhan”. 
Sangita is married off at a young age to a person who is a monster and crosses all the limits of brutality. When she complained to her family about the torture she has to experience every day, she is offered no support and is asked to go back to her husband house. Here, we all are talking about and fighting for women’s rights and poor Sangita is raped by her own husband everyday. There is no one to help her and the only way this torture could get over is if her husband dies. 

Luckily or unluckily Sangeeta’s wish is fulfilled and few months after her son is born, her husband meets an accident and dies on spot.

Gautam Sincalair is a handsome man with a heart of gold who falls madly in love with Sangeeta. He has been brought up in U.S.A and does not believe in any of the old customs of India. Gautam wants to marry Sangita but before he convinces her family, he has to make her fall in love with him and convince her to marry him.

This book is all about the struggle Sangita faces in society and how her own family does not support her. To her family society is far more important than her happiness.

I must congratulate the author for writing such a fine book. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and loved every bits of it. I can easily say that of all the author’s books, this one is my favourite. I have already read it twice and you should definitely read this book. 

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