Review of S.O.A.R by Abir Mukherjee

This book is the story of three colleagues who eventually became friends because they shared the same passion to prove themselves to the world. Uday, Adhyayan and Raja are not very happy with their jobs, especially Udan. They want to do something more, something different from their monotonous jobs. They start an innovative, non-existent business which is quite unheard of in India. They are hopeful that it will be a hit and very soon they will be earning lots of money. But their business plan is not liked by all and not many have faith in their plan. Crossing all the hurdles they do set up a business and eventually their business starts to take off. But as it happens with every business, there seems to be a time when everything seems to go wrong and this is the time when all three of them take different paths. Unaware of what other is doing they seem to get back to their old lifestyle, except Uday who keeps working for his dream. 

Then one day Uday gets arrested and their dream business in jeopardised  and all three friends come together again.

The story might seem very simple but I loved the way it was written. I have read the earlier book by Abir and I must say that with this book he has become even much better writer. There is lots of improvement since his last book. Abir definitely has matured as a writer and I am very happy for him. I am sure his next book would be very good too. 

By looking at the book cover, you might feel that this book is only about the relationship shared by three friends but it’s a lot more. Abir has very well written the story with giving importance to each and every character in the book. While he has focused on friendship of Uday, Raja and Adhyayan; he didn’t loose focus on their individual stories. That is what I loved most about the book. I couldn’t find even a single fault in the book. It’s a well written story and the flow is maintained throughout the book. Not even for a second you will get bore while reading the book. 

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