A Perfect Mismatch by Leena Varghese

Blurb: Once, Armaan Malhotra was Zara’s secret teenage fantasy. Now, they find nothing right with each other! Zara is a spirited woman, fiercely guarding her hard-earned independence as a chartered accountant. An orphan, her mother’s indiscretion has haunted her life. Armaan is a celebrity artist, with a deep-rooted aversion to commitment. Born in an old business family, his father’s infidelity has rocked his beliefs.

Zara finds Armaan callous and insensitive. Armaan finds Zara stubborn and rebellious. Both find it impossible to trust anyone.

When under pressure from Armaan’s mother, they agree on a short term arranged match, things turn chaotic. Soon the undercurrent of tension and attraction turns into skirmishes, flaring up into a full-fledged battle on their honeymoon. Could they let go of their fears and let desire transform into deep abiding love forever?

perfect msimatch

My thoughts: Mills & Boon by Indian authors is always a treat and when the female character is a strong and independent woman like Zara, it is even special. The book is definitely a typical Mills & Boon material but character of Zara makes this book very different from other. She has a childhood crush on Armaan and is waiting for her prince charming to sway away her but she needs Armaan to love her and not to save her. She is quite a strong woman who can fight the world all alone and does not need anyone’s help for that. All she wants is a sense of belonging. She has never felt  that she has belonged to someone, never known who her father was and never had a mother taking care of her. She grew up with a longing feeling and her teenage crush on Armaan even made things difficult for her.

I loved the chemistry sparking between Armaan and Zara and the moments shared by them gave me goosebumps. These two together is definitely not a mismatch but a perfect match made in heaven. They complete each other.

All the girls out there who love romance should definitely read this book. It will be a joyful experience for you.

About the author:


Leena Varghese lives in Mumbai with her husband and two boisterous kids. Amidst the cacophony of a tumultuous household and managing her illustration work, she squeezes in the time to give vent to her creative passions such as writing and painting.

Leena firmly believes that everyone comes into the world equipped with an umbrella for the rainy days. Anyone can be creative enough to turn lemons into lemonade, topped with iced pragmatism. A life spent in learning and doing new things even when failure stares you in the face, is a life well lived indeed. So trying your hand at just about everything that comes your way is a good idea to keep yourself alive and kicking. Her mantra for happiness is to never be complacent and always keep evolving.

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