Review of “The House that BJ built” 

Author: Anuja Chauhan

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Westland

I have read all the books by Anuja Chauhan and loved most of them, my favourite being Those Pricey Thakur Girls. So when a sequel to this book was announced, I was ecstatic. I pre-ordered the book on flipkart and the moment the book was delivered to my place, I grabbed it and was sitting in my favourite corner, reading the book with a cuppa coffee. 

I was really excited but soon all the excitement vanished as the book was nothing as compared to Those Pricey Thakur Girls. The chemistry which was shared by Dabbu and Dylan was definitely missing. The love shared by the sisters had definitely been replaced by the more practical attitude towards life. Even the funny moments in the book were quite less as compared to the previous book. I was confused about what to do? Should I continue to read the book or should I just leave it and cherish the fact that Those Pricey Thakur Girls was an excellent book and can’t be recreated.
I did not read any book for a day and while I was busy with my work, I had a thought. Why should I compare the two books? Why should I look for Dabbu and Dylan in Bonu and Samar? May be he characters are same but this book is definitely different from the earlier one. Thus I picked up the book again and read it again with a fresh perspective and the result was that I definitely did enjoy the book.
Blurb: ‘I’ll make my sisters squirm like well-salted earthworms. I won’t sell. Even my jutti won’t sell. And if I die na, then even my gosht won’t sell!’ The late Binodini Thakur had been very clear that she would never agree to sell her hissa in her Bauji’s big old house on Hailey Road. And her daughter Bonu, is determined to honour her mother’s wishes.

But what to do about her four pushy aunts who are insisting she sell? One is bald and stingy, one is jobless and manless, one needs the money to ‘save the nation’ and one is stepmother to Bonu’s childhood crush – brilliant young Bollywood director Samar Vir Singh, who promised BJ upon his deathbed that he would get the house sold, divvy the money equally and end all the bickering within the family.

The first word baby Bonu ever spoke was ‘Balls’ and indeed, she is ballsy, bullshit-intolerant, brave and beautiful. But is she strong enough to weather emotional blackmail by the spadefull? Not to mention shady builders, wily politicians, spies, lies and the knee-buckling hotness of Samar’s intense eyes? Sharply observed and pulse-quickeningly romantic, this is Anuja Chauhan writing at her sparkling best

Review: The thing I like most about Anuja Chauhan is her quirky style of writing and a special English which is written with Hindi accent. This is something which only Anuja can pull of and she has definitely done it this time too.

“The House That BJ Built”, is a romance set against the backdrop of a family property dispute involving BJ’s 200-crore house on New Delhi’s posh Hailey Road. There are many new people who are now living or working in this 200 crore house or are still visiting the house for a cup of tea and spicy gossip.

 Chachiji is still coming to BJ house for the cup of tea and is telling Samar about the stories of Pushkarni. Samar and Bonu are no more the little kids who would be quarrelling with each other all the time. Samar has grown up into a handsome prince and Bonu is as ziddi as her mother and most important of all has a crush on Samar. Both of them are totally opposite to each other but at the same time are deeply attracted to each other. Whoever said opposites attract, was completely right. The story of Samar and Bonu is completely different from that of Dabbu and Dylan, so don’t even attempt to find their story in here.

Eshu and Sreedhar’s story also takes a new turn and I loved and enjoyed all the. Ew developments. I had always wanted them to end up together. I loved it when he called her Bihari, it was as if they were never apart.

How many of you didn’t like Binni in the last book, if you did, hold your horses because Chandu is far worse than her. You may have disliked Binni but you are going to hate Chandu like anything. At times I had the urge to get her ticket done and send her packing back to USA. All the sisters love each other and their families but Chandu is the most selfish of them all. If BJ would have been alive, he couldn’t have believed what kind of person Chandu has become.

As far as Anji is concerned, she is still the same, nothing has changed at all. I totally enjoyed reading about her. She is flirty, caring and loving. She may be a step mom to Samar but she loves him with all her heart and Samar too loves her like anything. Their relationship is extremely wonderful and worth reading.
Now coming on to Bonu Singh, the most important person in the book. She may call her aunts cows but what she does not realises is that she has a part of each one of them in her. She flirts with the doctor and many others like her Anji mausi to get discounts. She does not like to spend much money and would do anything to make her business successful like her mother, Binni. She does care about her employees and would protect them like her Dabbu mausi. She is athletic and would kick you in your balls if you do anything wrong like her Eshu mausi.

You would love and hate Bonu at the same time. You should read this book only for Bonita a.ka. Bonu Singh and I am sure, like Samar you would love her too.

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