Mills & Boon: My stress buster

I am a huge sucker for the sweet romantic stories with the happy endings. However, bad might be my mood, a lovely romantic novel would definitely cheer me up. I love reading Mills & Boon. My sister is always telling me how can I read these books, how can I still believe in this all rubbish of a handsome and charming prince like man falling in love with the plain Jane type girl. She feels that by reading these books I am showing disrespect to myself. I am a grown up with a very good career, I am part of the team which makes policies for the entire nation and yet I read Mills & Boon.

Well, in my defence, I have grown up reading fairy tales. While my friends and my siblings would be busy playing games, I would be sitting in a corner of the house and would be reading a book. Mine is a big, joint and very loud family, yet when I would be reading the book I won’t hear a single sound. Those fairytales had given me a hope that good things always happen to good people. When I was in high school, I was introduced to the Mills & Boon and at first I didn’t like them but then again when I was in college, a Mills & Boon was given to me by my friend. And this time I did fall in love with them and after so many years, I am still in love with them.

For me these are like the fairytales that I used to read when I was a little girl. Though I know that there is one in million chance that any of these stories would actually happen in real. But still I love reading them as these books help to keep alive that little girl who would believe in happy endings, who would always have a hope that a Prince Charming would come and sway her away. As I grew up, I became more pessimistic, cynical and too practical in life. I left my imaginative and happy life behind and accepted the realities of this brutal and harsh full life. 

But when I am reading Mills & Boon, it’s totally different. Even if it’s for a little time but I get to forget about my problems and I am in this fairy land where only good things going to happen. These books help me to escape my pain and make me feel happy.

So those of you who believe that Mills & Boon are just rubbish reading and shouldn’t be read by a grown up woman. You are totally wrong. These books bring me the happiness and lift up my mood and I don’t think I am ever going to stop reading them. Ever!  

2 thoughts on “Mills & Boon: My stress buster

  1. Nikita (Njkinny) says:

    I entered into reading Mills & Boon just a few years ago but ever since I have really loved these feel good stories that entertain and also leave me happy at each HEA ending…I dont agree with what some people say about it, not should you. It’s our choice what we read and we should just go with our heart! 🙂


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