Billionaire Unmasked ~Jason by J.S. Scott 


Reading love stories with happy endings always give me comfort. They make me happy and help me to forget my worries for at least some time. I read the first chapter of this book which was available online for free on Amazon. This little peek into the book compelled me to read the whole book and I think that must have been a strategy of the publishers to make more and more people read the book. The first chapter ends at wedding announcement of Hope. Jason thought they had something special but with the wedding announcement he was not very sure of Hope’s feelings towards him. This make him desperate enough to come up with a plan to kidnap Hope and bring her back to his place and not let her go until he makes her fall in love with him.   
But what Jason has not counted for was that Hope has always been in love with him but she is no longer the girl he has known. A lot has happened in Hope’s life which no one is aware of, not even her loving and caring and highly protective brothers. Hope would have loved to keep it that way but if she wants a future with Jason, she will have to share her secrets with him. Will she be able to trust him enough to do so? Will Jason tell Hope his secrets which eh has been hiding from Hope? What impact will it have on their lives?

Many of you might ask what’s so different about this book? Well, the answer is nothing. It’s a regular love story with a happy ending. 

But I would still recommend the book because this book will make you happy, you would enjoy reading it and would love both Jason and Hope. One thing special about the book is that both hero and heroine needs rescuing yet both are strong and independent. All the characters in ten book, even how small they might be have been written very well. Each character of the book has been defined in an exceptional way and thus becomes an important part of the book.

I would highly recommend this book to all the romance lovers. You should definitely read this love story of Jason and Hope. I am sure you will fall in love with them.

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