Review of Ten Patients

This book contains ten short but powerful stories which will definitely have an impact on your life. These are the stories of people who have been crushed, have faced lots of pain and experienced the worst of life but they never gave up. They never stopped fighting. These people will actually teach you what life is all about. They don’t stop living life just because it’s tough. They never give up, these people kept fighting and are the actual winners in real life. 

If you will ask me to pick up a favourite one. I am sorry I can’t do that because I loved all the stories a lot and each one of them have taught me something. These stories inspire you and gives you strength to fight the problems. These stories will teach you to never give up and keep fighting your battles. 

We, the humans crib out small things but never realise that there are people who are facing even bigger problems than us and are not even complaining.

I am glad that Dr. Wasim decided to write this book and shared these important and compelling stories with us. The book talks about varying topics like about a prostitute who falls in love and is marrying this guy, a girl who is raped many times yet don’t give up on life, a girl who is a teenager herself and is lying on hospital bed but is still smiling or a guy who has lost his memory and can’t recognise his own life. 

This book really celebrates the life and will help you see a bigger picture and I am sure will bring an aura of positive thinking into your lives. This book is a must read for everyone. It does not preach yet, teaches you a lot.   

Author: Dr. Wasim Mohideen

Publisher: Blackbuck Publishers

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