Review of HiFi in Bollywood by Rishi Vohra

hi fi

I received this book from Rishi in January to review. Though I finished the book in January only, yet it is in March that I am posting the review of the book. For the first time I have taken so much time to post a review of the book and for that I owe an apology to Rishi.

This book is based on Bollywood Industry or the Hi Fi Industry as it is named in the book. As per the author this is the name, the superstar Salman Khan has given to the industry. The book talks about the struggle of the newcomers, the casting couch, gays and the hypocrisy in the Bollywood.

All these topics seems to be some serious issues but the author has talked about them in a humorous way which makes it an interesting read. The book is very funny and totally enjoyable and that’s why I totally loved this book.

This book is a typical Bollywood Masala wherein you don’t have to apply your mind. All you have to do is sit back with your popcorn and enjoy the movie (here the book).

The language of the book is simple and good and so is the plot and commitment to geographical reality. All the characters fit well and not even one character seems to be out of the place or forced into the story. Each character is an important part of the book and has been written well. Humour is one thing which keeps the book going and the author does not give you even one boring moment.

Blurb: This book is the story of Rayhan Arora who has grown up loving Bollywood and has dreamed to be a part of Bollywood some day but is forced by his father to study finance in USA and take up a job there. If this was not enough, his father now wants him to get married to his friend’s daughter too. But Rayhan has had enough. He decides to try his luck in Bollywood. All he need is one chance and he is determined to have it. He comes back to Mumbai without telling his father and with the help of his friend, gets a job as an Assistant Director in one of the high profile movie. But things are not as easy as Rayhan thought. This one decision of his impacts not only his life but many other people lives too.

Whether Rayhan succeeds or not? That is definitely worth looking forward to.

The book has too many funny moments but for me the funniest  moments are Rayhan getting slapped and he gets slapped too many times in the book. I know I should be feeling sad for him but every time he gets slapped I find it funny.

This book is definitely worth reading and it’s definitely for those who love Bollywood or the Hi Fi Industry as Rishi calls it.

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