Review of The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer by Laxmi Hariharan

I received this book from The Readaddicts Books Blog to review. When I read the blurb of book I was very excited to read it, as it seemed to be an exciting fast paced thriller. But I am very sorry to say, I was disappointed. 

The book was very confusing at times, many things seemed to happen at one time and most of the times it didn’t make sense at all. When I started to write the review of the book, I decided to read the reviews of others. Justo see what they have got to say bout this book. I was surprised to see that most of the people have loved the book and have got amazing things to say about the book. 

That made me rethink about my review. Most of the readers found the book to be a good work of fiction and loved the suspense and style of writing of the author. 

I did love the suspense, the ending of the book was definitely unexpected but I can’t say that I loved the book. 

So in the end I have reached the conclusion that this book was definitely not my cup of tea. To all of you out who are out there and read my reviews and love the type of books that I read, I would advice you not to read this book. As there is a high chance that you might not enjoy the book.

Now coming to the story of the book.

This is the story of Ruby Iyer, a young girl who has got super powers by accident and is fighting against the demons of the Mumbai city. It is up to her now to save Mumbai and Vikram, an agent from anti terrorist squad will help her in this task.

That’s all I have got to say about the book.

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