2015 Reading Challenge: First Reads . . .Accepted


I have decided to take up the 2015 Reading Challenge: First Reads!
Read & Review as many books, by authors that I haven’t read before.

This is going to be fun. There are many books on my bookshelf which I haven’t read yet. I hope this challenge will help me to read those books.

I believe that my first challenge will be to pick the level I anticipate attaining.

Challenge Level:
Amateur : Choose to read 1 – 25 New Authors
Lover : Choose to read 26 – 50 New Authors
Expert : Choose to read 51 – 75 New Authors
Fanatic : Choose to read 76 or above New Authors

Since I am not completely certain that I will be able to read lots of books from the authors that I haven’t read before as I am always sceptical about reading books from new authors. Therefore, let me begin at the beginning. Amateur. If later I feel that I am getting more time to read books and I am enjoying exploring book world of the authors apart from my favourite authors, I will increase the challenge level.

If you to decide you want to participate in the First Reads go to: http://www.b00kr3vi3ws.in/2014/12/FR15.html

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