The Pressure

Must read for all out there who are nearing the age of 30 or are already 30

Just A Small Town Girl...

I’m sure that you’ve all come across the popular and trending term known as the quarter-life crisis. It’s something that a lot of people in their twenties appear to be suffering from in some form or another. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of online articles and quizzes asking,  Are You Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?  Or helpfully listing for you the  25 Signs That You’re Definitely Having A Quarter-Life Crisis!

Why have quarter-life crises become such a phenomenon? In my opinion it’s because of the increasing amount of expectation and pressure that has been forced onto the twenty-something age-group and which as of recently is getting more and more intense and out of control. Once upon a time people used to look at their twenties as a care-free decade of independence before issues like settling down and mortgages needed to be…

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