Review of Fool for Love by Merry Farmer

I won this book in one of the giveaways. Thank you Merry Farmer for this lovely book. It was a good change from all the books I have been reading lately.the book is set in the year 1896 and have got the smart and handsome Cowboys of America and noble ladies of England.

It is the story of sweet and beautiful Amelia and ruggedly handsome Eric. Amelia is pregnant and the person who has fathered her child has left her all alone and on top of that insulted her in front of the English society. Eric is an honest and caring person and finds it difficult to tolerate the injustice done to a noble lady. He offers her a life in America and Amelia holds onto this offer like a drowning person holds onto any support he or she could get.

Both of them have suffered great loses in their life and have been cheated by their own family members. In each other they find the family they never had. Unable to fight the attraction to each other, they give in to the sweet temptation and develops a relationship which is pure and sweet and beautiful.

But what they didn’t think about is that they have a past which will keep haunting them until they fight against it together. But it is easy said than done.

If you ask me that how much I liked this book then I have only one answer for you. I read this book twice back to back. Yep, that’s how much I loved this book. Author’s writing is completely flawless and she does not lose her hold at the book even for a second. I enjoyed reading each and every page of the book. All the characters of the book have been written well. The best part of the book is the relationship of Eric and Amelia. It is very beautiful and you would wish for a relationship like that for your life. Even the love making scenes between the two are so alluring that you would be feeling goosebumps while reading them. It is a skill to write these scenes beautifully because even a slight mistake and it could turn into a vulgar scene.

I would highly recommend this book. You must read this book if you love romance and especially if you love Cowboys.

Author: Merry Farmer

Genre: Romance


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