Review of “The Cure Was Love” by Reet Singh


I am a big fan of Mills & Boon and that’s why when MBs written by Indian authors were launched I was more than eager to read all of them. Since then I have read all the MBs written by Indian authors. One of them was “Scorched by his Fire” by Reet Singh, and I loved this book as much as I have loved other MBs. That’s why when I came to know that another book written by Reet Singh has been launched, I got a copy of the book and as usual finished it on one go.

Reet Singh is a doctor by profession and this time both her characters were doctors too. Rudy and Simi are two doctors who meet by chance in New York. Rudy is a surgeon; born and brought up in USA and works with his parents who are also doctors. Simi is a young MBBS student from India who has come to New York for a student internship program. Simi is head over heels for Rudy from the first time she meets him and falls in love with him despite all her futile attempts. Simi tries to reason practicality with love but alas can’t control her desires and does the mistake of falling in love with him. There is lots of misunderstanding between the two. Both are attracted to each other but feels that other one is not serious and may break his/her heart.

Rudy is hot and handsome and a total gentleman, nothing seems to be wrong with him. Simi is also smart and beautiful but everything seems to go wrong with her. She is always finding herself in weirdest of situations and Murphy’s Law does apply to her.

Reet Singh has written a fabulous novel and it has all what makes a good MB but one thing is definitely missing from the story and that is SPARK. There is no spark between the two characters and there is no fire. I am sorry to say that I am bit disappointed in the book. I really loved “Scorched by his Fire”” and was expecting the same from this book but the book fell short in that department.

I would be eagerly waiting for the next book from Reet Singh and I sincerely hope that it would have some SPARK in it.

Author: Reet Singh

Publisher: Harlequin India

Series: Mills & Boon

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