Review of Rainbow- The Shades of Love

Aman, the author of the book asked me to review this book and I am happy I said yes. I totally enjoyed the book. It was a good break from all the intense and tragic love stories which most of the engineering students are penning down nowadays.

The book comes with a warning that “this is not a book to teach you about love or how to get a beautiful girl to bed, rather it reveals how bad things can get if you don’t set your priorities right. It’s a story about the most explored life aspect ‘Love’ ‘Sex’.”

These two lines summarise the book very well. The book is about the constant battle between love and lust. How do you know it’s love and not lust? Which one is stronger of the two? Most importantly which one will win the battle ‘Love’ or ‘Lust’.

It is the story of a Punjabi boy, Yuvi who enjoys life to the fullest and is a big flirt. He has had many girlfriends in past but when he meets Simran, he feels that she is the true love of his life. He is ready to do anything to win her love. He even misses the most important exam of his, just to be with Simran. But old habits die hard. Though, he is truly in love with her, he keeps sleeping around with other girls. Every time he cheats on Simran, he decides he won’t do this again and would do anything to keep Simran happy.

The moment he feels that he will be with Simran for ever, his past tears his life apart. His habit of sleeping around with girls not only damages his life but Simran’s too.

I don’t know how many girls would actually like this book but I think you should all read it as it talks about guy’s perspective and how they actually deal with this love and lust. The book will give you a little sneak peek into their lives. May be I enjoyed this book more because this book is written by a male but yet he didn’t shy away from taking the blame for failure of relationship. I especially enjoyed the character of Kulli, though he is hideous but he did make me laugh. I felt back I was back in college and was listening to my male friends stories. I am happy your story got published, other wise we would have missed a good book.

I think Aman knew that we would be giving lots of ‘gaalis’ to guys at the end of the book and that’s why he dedicated the books to the fairer sex.

Author: Aman Jassal

Publisher: Teenage Publishers


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