Review of Where Earth Meets Water by Pia Padukone


When I bought this book from Harlequin’s website, I thought this will be also a book about romance and relationships. But I was highly mistaken. This book has got a lot more and that’s why I would advice you to read this book patiently and try to absorb each and every emotion of the book. Normally, I like to finish a book as soon as possible and it’s very rare for me to not to finish the book in one go. But while I was reading this book, I had to take breaks to understand what each character is going through. What are they experiencing? In a way it helped me to look at my own life and the demons which has been hidden in my closet for a long time now.

Yep, that is what this book is exactly about. Each character in the book has secrets of their own and have got the past which is always with them like their own shadows. The book is about how each of them deals with their past or the demons in the past and learn to move on, so that they can have a brighter future.

The main character in the book is of Karom. He has lost almost everything in life and luckily or unluckily has escaped lots of disasters and accidents. That’s why he is always testing life and taking unnecessary risks in order to understand the reason for his escape from death. His habit of testing life and taking risks scares his girlfriend, Geeta and best friend, Loyd and they are always worried for him. Both of them love Karom and wants the best for him and wants him to get rid of this scary habit.

This book is also about Kamini, Geeta’s grandmother who is a strong and independent lady who has brought up her daughter all alone by herself, after her husband left her all alone without any support. She is a well educated lady and never asked any of her relatives for help. She is a person whom you would always respect just like her granddaughter, Geeta who adores and respects her.

I won’t be talking much about the story of the book as it might spoil the book for you. But I would definitely like to tell you some other things about the book.

Each chapter of the book is dedicated to each character and talks about his/her perspective about the things. This is actually a good thing as it helps us to understand the characters well and we are able to get an insight into the reasons for their actions. I don’t think I was able to judge any of the character in the book as they all seemed to be doing the right thing. Actually, there is no right and wrong in the book. I think you will better understand that after reading the book.

This book is Pia Padukone’s debut novel and I must say as a debut novel she has done a stupendous job. The book is flawlessly written. Not even once I felt that there is something missing. Everything was perfect, right up to the style of writing, narration and description of the characters. Every time Karom felt the pain of loss of his parents, I would feel the pain too. Every time Geeta got frightened for Karom, I got frightened too. While I was reading the book, it was like its all happening right in front of me and I was part of the story too. I have really loved this book a lot and would be eagerly waiting for more books from Pia Padukone. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Author: Pia Padukone

Publisher: Harlequin Publishers

Genre: Fiction

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