Of Course, We are Best Friends by Sonia Bansal

I have read lots of stories about high school love and friendship. So when I got this book to review from the publishers, I thought it would be the same too.

Well, the story is bit old but the way it has been written is very refreshing. The author has tried to give the perspective of both the protagonists, Aditi and Aditya and that’s what I loved most.

Aditi and Aditya are students in the same class. Though, Aditya might be too young to know the meaning of love but he does fall in love with Aditi at the first sight. Aditi likes him but as a friend only. She feels that falling in love at this age would be wrong. But, soon their friendship evolves and they become best buddies. They start spending more and more time with each other and very soon they start dating each other. Their love blossoms in school but fails in the college. Their love relationship couldn’t take the toll of long distance.
Will Aditi and Aditya be able to save their love and most importantly their friendship? Is falling in love with your best friend right or wrong?

The book talks about the first love and how does it feels falling in love with your best friend. But the book is not only about the love and friendship. It gives you an insight into the lives of the youngsters when they move away from their homes to starts their college lives. The stress and trauma that they have to go through and how every day they have to choose between the right and wrong.

I really loved the book and enjoyed the small quotes and lines which accurately described the thoughts of the protagonists and I think of the author’s too.

But I would again like to request the editorial team of the Blackbuck publishers to please check the books before publishing them. There are silly spelling and grammatical mistakes which is a huge put off and spoils the book.

Despite all these silly mistakes I really loved the book. I think Sonia has done a great job and I would highly recommend this book to each and every one who has ever fallen in love in school or college. You must read this book, I am sure you will like it.

Author: Sonia Bansal

Publisher: Blackbuck publishers

Genre: Fiction


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