Review of Never A Bride

It is the story of Sheena and Jared; best friends forever they decide to get married but Jared develop cold feet and left Sheena all alone stranded at the altar. Lisa had to go through the humiliation with the horror of her marriage being broken over a text.

It’s been months now and Sheena’s best friend is getting married to Jared’s younger brother. She is the maid of honour and Jared is the best man. That means they will have to spend lots of time together. Jared seeks for Sheena’s forgiveness but she doesn’t have the strength to even face him.
Their family and friends want them to get back together but it is easy said than done.

It is a short story which you will definitely enjoy. The emotions have been depicted very beautifully in the book with lots happening in a small time of frame. It’s sweet and lovely and at the same time enjoyable. Whenever you feel like taking a small break, you can read this book.

Author: Traci Hall

Publisher: Kendlle Press


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