Review of Never Understand

This is the story of two passionate lovers who are totally opposite to each other but still seems to be made for each other. Johnthen Trent and Jana Kidd are poles apart and are meant to be attracted to each other.
Jana is a waitress in a posh restaurant, but she dreams of becoming a famous actress some day. She is an outgoing, self assured, beautiful young lady. John is a musician, director, a very rich and respected man in the society. He is a very handsome man and everyone wants a piece of him, media wants to cover his personal life and women wants to have sex with him. But he is a very private person and has never brought a woman to his home.

When John meets Jana, all sparks fly between the two. Though they are attracted to each other very badly, Jana refuses to date John. She doesn’t want men to be in control of her life and is scared that she will get carried away by John’s appearance. John is not the one to be ignored so easily, he pursues her so romantically, that she does get swept off her feet and gives herself completely to him.

This book is different from regular romantic books for various reasons. The characters in the books seem to be lot real. The protagonists in the story have areas of their lives where they are quite confident, and others where they are not so secure. Jana, still recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship and is distrustful of playboy John. John has good reason to tread softly as he has his own emotional scar tissue. Each has secrets that they are not yet ready to share.

The love scenes are written very beautifully. The author knows exactly how to write those scenes, the absolute passion that was flowing through in this book, is steamy and hot! This book is not one to be missed by the romance lovers! But one piece of advice, this book is meant for adults.

Author: Miranda Mailer

Publisher: Real and Ideal Publishers


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