Review of “Who Told Men Not to Cry”

This is the debut novel by Azaruddin a.k.a Azar, a twenty year old guy who is currently pursuing engineering course in Coimbatore. The story he has penned down is based on his school’s experiences. I don’t know how much of it is actually true but definitely these experiences has helped him to write a good book. As a debut author Azaruddin has done a good job but I think he still needs to learn a lot if he wants to be listed amongst the best selling authors of India.
The story is about Raj, a typical school boy from a middle class family. He has been termed unlucky in the book because his father suffered a loss in business the day he was born. Various incidents accounts for his unlucky life but I think this card was overplayed as there was not much in the book to call him unlucky.
The book talks about his school life, his friends, teachers and the love of his life Keerthi. His school life till class tenth was awesome and he enjoyed it a lot, more than he enjoyed his time at the home. He was the topper of his school and was loved by all his friends and teachers except by his girl. Yes, that’s what he calls Keerthi all the time; “my girl”. At times it gets bit too much reading this term again and again but may be that’s the term boys use in schools nowadays and that’s why the author used it so often.
Raj’s life changes the day he shifts to the new school. He is no more the topper of the batch and nothing is same at the new school. He does makes new friends but he is not sure if he can trust them and it takes him even longer to gain his teachers trust and respect.
Raj life becomes tougher at the new school and he has to work extra hard to get everything. But the question remains, when will he get back to the love of his life?? Will he able to win Keerthi’s love?

Review: There are lots of funny moments in the book and you would definitely enjoy them. First part of the book is not written so well but author gets a better hold on the story in second half and you will actually starts enjoying the book. There is nothing much new in the story but the presentation and narration is definitely good. I liked the way it was written and that made the story even more fun.
But there are few things which I didn’t get at all. Why does Raj calls his friends mothers mom? The way he talks to his teachers, it feels like as if he is flirting with them. Who talks to the teachers like that? The author has totally ignored to talk about Raj family. I think the author could have talked a little bit more about his sister and mother.
Apart from that I think that the editor’s team should have a second look at the book as there are some grammatical mistakes and pronunciation marks have also been under used in the book.
As for the author, I think at the young age of twenty you have done a very good job. The story was good and I loved the end too. Those last lines at the end of the book were hilarious and a lot different from other tragic love stories. I am looking forward to more books from you.
To the readers out there, you could definitely read this book once at least. It would be a refreshing change for you.

Author: Azaruddin

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

Genre: Fiction


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