Review of The Girl He Left Behind

It is the story of Sia and Ryan. They have been best friends forever and the moment they went into a relationship, Ryan left Sia and moved to Mumbai without giving much explanation. It’s been six years now and he wants Sia back in his life. But a lot has changed since he left her behind, all alone with a broken heart. She is married and divorced with lots of demons in her closet. Ryan wants her back at any cost and is determined to do anything to win her love once again. But Sia has decided not to fall in love with him again. She is afraid that if she does he would leave her once again.
Moreover, Ryan has still not told her the real reason for leaving her. With both of them with traumatising pasts and lots of secrets hidden, will they be able to take the relationship forward this time? Fate has given them a second chance but will they take this opportunity to be together or will it again result in a failure?

Review: I really loved this book. It has lots of drama, comedy and lots and lots of love. The way Sia still stands up for Ryan, even when he has left her behind is heart touching. I liked the character of Sia; she is a strong confident woman who has never bothered about the society and has stood up what she thought was right. Apart from Sia, even the other characters like that of Ryan, Minty, Ajay, Leena, Nisha and Adarsh are also written very well. I loved the character of Adarsh in the book. He made me laugh and made the book even more enjoyable. He is the joker of the book, as Ryan calls him many times. It’s a sweet book and I think you should definitely read it. The best part of the book is that it has lots of suspense too and you would be surprised when that’s revealed.

Author: Shilpa Suraj
Publisher: Harlequin India
Genre: Romance


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