Review of Trouble has a new name

What will you do if your boyfriend dumps you just a week before your best friend’s marriage and that too over a text? What more, you know that all your school friends and some of the relatives will be at the wedding too. Rayana Dutt, a supermodel after being dumped by her boyfriend cries her heart out and get drunk resulting in getting wasted and with a hangover on a day, she was supposed to take a flight to her best friend’s destination wedding at Andman & Nicobar Islands.
As if the humiliation was not enough, her ex lands at the wedding with his new girlfriend. While she was trying to get over the fact that her ex was acting even worse than a Casanova; she is forced to share her villa with tempting and extremely handsome Neel. To get out of her messy life and to get back at her ex, Rayana asks Neel to be her fake fiancée. She feels that this would be the best solution to her problem but what she had not expected was that her life is even going to get messier than before with lots of scandals coming her way.

My take: I loved the book cover as much as I loved the story of book. It is a perfect MB with lots of twists and turns and surprises and lots and lots of romance. Neel is the perfect MB character with his handsome face and tempting body. All the characters in the book including that of Agra Aunty are well written and can be easily visualised. I would recommend this book to all MB lovers and romantic book lovers. I am sure you won’t be disappointed at all.

Author: Adite Banerjee
Publisher: Harlequin India
Genre: Romance


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