Book Covers ~~~~ Mills & Boon

Normally when I go to a book store, I know what I am going to buy. It’s very rare that I would be buying a book about which I know nothing. But once in a while I would buy a book about which I haven’t heard from anyone and reason for buying this totally new book would be its attractive cover. The cover attracts me to the book and I am forced to buy this book with lots of doubts in my mind that whether the story would live up to its cover or not. I think many of you out there must have bought a book because of its cover only and not story.
The reason I am talking about book covers today is because something has changed recently. I have been reading Mills & Boon books for as long as I can remember and have been hooked to the Indian authors (MBs) since the day they have been launched. Mills & Boon books have had a very typical cover which would give you a little insight to the story. When MBs with Indian authors were launched, the same strategy was followed and the book covers were no different. But recently I have noticed a change in the book covers. These book covers are more attractive with more beautiful colours and don’t have that typical picture of a man and a woman. These covers hold a story and gives you a lot more insight into the story then the earlier book covers. If you don’t believe me, you can have a look at them yourself down below and you would notice the massive change that has taken place.

I don’t know what has brought this change but whatever it is I hope it stays. May be there is a new team at Harlequin India publishers which is responsible for the change. If that is so, my heartiest congratulations to you guys for doing something out of ordinary and creating these mesmerising covers. I am sure a lot of effort must have gone into creating something new and beautiful. You should definitely keep up with the work.
I am looking forward to more Mills & Boon books with the beautiful and attractive covers.


trouble has a new name


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