Review of “His Runaway Royal Bride”


Tanu Jain is back with another story of prince and princesses of India. This is the story of a young girl called Meethi who get wedded to Maharaja Vidyamaan Veer Singh. For Veer it was love at first sight and it took a lot of convincing on his part to agree Meethi to marry him. Meethi is young and naive and is unaware of the royal protocol which is always demanded of her. She is always judged by the royal family and criticised for her incompetency. She loves Veer a lot but feels like a bird in cage in the grand Raj mahal, she is forced to live in. This makes her to runaway from the palace and in order to disappear from Veer’s life, she forges her own death. When Veer discovers that his beautiful wife is alive, he turns world upside down to find her. He succeeds in finding her but his wife is no more the person she used to be. Gone is the bubbly girl who would chatter non stop and won’t hesitate from showing her affection for him in public. Instead she has turned into a timid little girl who turns pale every time Veer raises his voice. Veer needs to find the reason for his wife’s recent actions and change in her behaviour. He still loves her and want to give her all the happiness she deserves but will he succeed in doing that and in winning back her love again????

My take: I fell in love with the book even before I read it because of it’s extremely beautiful cover. The cover tells you a lot about the story and suits the book very well. The book is full of passion and romance and lots of raw emotions. I think Tanu Jain is the only Indian M&B author who does not shy away from describing the passionate love making and I must say she does that beautifully. It is a very sweet book and every time the royal family taunts Meethi, your heart goes out to her. The book is full of romance with a pinch of mystery spices added to it make it even more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this book to all.

Author: Tanu Jain

Publisher: Harlequin Publishers

Genre: Romance

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