Review of “Haveli”


Haveli is the story of Chandni, an orphan who is brought up by her maternal grandmother in Pakistan. Chandni’s mother was abandoned by her father and she died of a broken heart.  Chandni has been home schooled by her grandmother a.k.a Bi Amma and has to live by the strict rules and high standards defined by her grandmother for which she hates her a lot and calls her Satan’s wife.

She is loved by everyone but she still longs for her father and hopes that he will return one day to be with her. She has been in love with Kunwar Rohail Khan since she was nine years old and she wishes to marry him. Only problem is that Kunwar does not acknowledge her love and is the father of a teenager. Though everyone is aware of Chandni’s infatuation for Kunwar but they ignore it with a hope that one day she will get over this childish crush of her and will move on with life. But Chandni has no such intentions and she will do anything to win Kunwar’s love. While Chandni is busy planning on how to make Kunwar fall for her, Bi Amma announces Chandni’s engagement to Taimur a.k.a Alpha Male. Chandni dislikes Taimur as much as she loves Kunwar. While she was getting over this news, something more unexpected happens, her father returns back to her life. This creates havoc in her family. Has Chandni’s father returned for good after all or he has some other plan up his sleeve? Not only has that he choose someone else for her to get married to. There are too many choices she has to make now. Whom will she choose finally?

Review: The book is as charming as other book by Zeenat. It’s a sweet story which will be loved by everyone and that’s why I am going to request you all that please set aside an hour from your busy life and read this book. It will be a relish treat for you. Zeenat has definitely mastered the skill of narration, not even once you would feel bored or would feel like keeping the book aside. The story and the narration are flawless with the characterization done so superbly that it gives you a feeling that you are watching a movie. I could easily imagine Bi Amma sitting on her divan and giving away orders. As for Taimur-the Alpha Male, you would be awed by his raw, roughish charm and would be left wanting for more of him. Chandni is sassy, beautiful and rebellious young girl in her twenties whom you would love and hate at the same time.  The best part about the book was the way literary characters moved in and out of the book and I loved it.

Zeenat Mahal is a writer who is worth out looking for and I am sure one day she will be known all over the world for her books.

Author: Zeenat Mahal

Publisher: Indireads

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