Review of “The Zoya Factor”

the zoya factor

The Zoya Factor is the story of a mid-level advertising executive, Zoya Singh Solanki who was born at the exact moment that India won the World Cup, back in ’83. She gets a chance to shoot an ad with Men in Blue during a cricket series in Dhaka. Luck by chance, Indian team happens to win the matches when they have their breakfast with Zoya and loses the match when Zoya is not with them at the breakfast table. This leads to the superstition among some of the team members that Zoya is lucky for them. The Indian cricket team captain Nikhil Khoda does not believe in any of these bullshit but is forced to ask Zoya to come with team to Australia for the World Cup series. Thus starts the chain of humorous and scandalizing events which turns little Zoya’s life upside down. From a common girl of Karol Bagh and totally nobody she happens to become Zoya Devi and whole nation relies on her for the most awaited win. Things do get to Zoya’s head and she starts believing that she is a lucky charm for the Indian team and this creates even more problems in her life. Nikhil Khoda is more and more irritated of the ridiculous situation where he is being forced to give credit of his wins to Zoya instead to the hard work of his teammates. Problems are even bigger for Zoya as Nikhil is flirting with her all the time and she is not sure that whether his feelings are genuine or he is just using her for her luck.

Review: I have read two other books by Anuja Chauhan and I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed them. I have earlier advised the readers not to read those books in public area and I am going to give the same advice again. Please do not attempt to read this book in a public area as there would be moments when you would be laughing out loud and it would definitely make you look like some idiotic fool.

The best thing about Anuja’s book is that she makes use of language which we use on day to day basis and it makes the book even more realistic. Each and every character of the book is given importance and is defined so well that you could easily imagine them. Even the character of little boy Armaan is crafted so well and the songs sung by him in the book are completely hilarious. You would die laughing out loud while reading them. The book is filled with amusing and entertaining moments which makes it even more fun to read the book. One thing which I have found similar and amusing in all the three books by Anuja is that the female protagonist judge the guy by how good his butt is. Somehow I have also started looking at the guys’ butts after reading her books. Bit strange for me definitely 😉

I can definitely say that Anuja has cracked the formula for best-seller books and I hope before she starts experimenting with her stories she would give us some more riotous and whacky stories to read. I am eagerly looking forward to more books from her.

Author: Anuja Chauhan

Genre: Drama

Publisher: Harper Collins


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