Review of “The Contract”

the contract

I am a die-hard romantic and whenever I would feel low I would pick up a M&B and it would lift up my mood and make me happy again. But lately I haven’t read a M&B and it’s not because I am happy 24*7 or I have stopped feeling low completely. Reason for not picking up a M&B in a while is that I have been introduced to the romance filled books of the Indireads.  I love reading these books and they give me a feeling of euphoria which I am happy to cherish as long as it lasts.

Recently, I read the book “The Contract” by Zeenat Mahal. It is for the first time that I have read a book by a Pakistani author and let me tell you I am very happy that I did that. Zeenat’s writing style is completely mesmerizing and once I started reading the book, I could not keep it down until it was over. Even when the story ended I scrolled down again and again looking for some more chapters. I wished the story never got over. I don’t know much about the Pakistani culture except what my friends who have family there have told me. But I think this peek into the romance set in Lahore was a wonderful treat for me. I really don’t know how to express myself but writing style of Zeenat is a lot different and incredible. I am completely hooked to her books and would be waiting for some more books eagerly.

The contract is a story set in Lahore and is a story of two broken hearts that have lost love and trust. Shahira is a thirty year old divorced and a single mother. Her son Shahaan is the only family she has. She is independent and head-strong woman who knows very well how to look after herself and her son. But still she is not a naïve and knows about the vultures of the society who would be roaming around her very soon. So when one of her student’s grandmother offers her with a marriage proposal, she is forced to think about it. Hussain is also a widower and all he wants from her is to look after his mother and his daughter, Natasha whom Shahira already adores a lot. Shahira agrees to the marriage with one condition that this will not be a real marriage but would only be a contract between two adults.

But will this contract last long enough and will Hussain and Shahira ever share their pain and love with each other???

Author: Zeenat Mahal

Publisher: Indireads

Genre: Romance

Format: E-book



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