Review of Even God Doesn’t Know


Thank you Blackbuck Publication for the book.

It is the story of two friends, Amar and Akbar and the love of their life, Rekha. Amar and Akbar are childhood friends always looking after each other and join the same engineering college. Both friends belong to different socio-economic status but that does not impact their friendship. Amar is extremely shy in nature and find it difficult to express himself whereas Akbar is a fun loving and outgoing person who is extremely friendly with everyone.

In college they come across Rekha, a smart and beautiful girl with whom both fall in love. Akbar is able to express his feelings for Rekha and wins her love but Amar who is extremely shy continues to love her without expressing himself ever. Akbar and Rekha get absorbed in each other so much that they fail to notice Amar’s obsession for Rekha.

Things are going on smoothly in their lives and all three of them are hoping for a bright future ahead but everything changes when a tragedy strikes Akbar’s family. Their lives are turned upside down overnight and fate plays a cruel game with them.

Will they be able to adjust to these new changes in their lives? Will they ever be happy again?

Review: Being a first published novel by the author, I would say a job well done. I am glad Blackbuck Publication gave Rajeev Pundir a chance and now we can expect some more books from him. After reading the prologue you might feel it’s just a simple love triangle but let me tell you, this book is a lot more than a mere love triangle. Yes, even after reading the prologue of the book, you would find the ending totally unexpected and enthralling.

It is the story of vengeance, jealousy, love, hate, obsession and most importantly greed. It is the greed of both families for money which spoiled the three innocent lives. Author has done a great job in crafting the story and I must say he has written the character of Amar very well. Amar’s character is very intriguing and interesting and you feel both sympathy and anger for him at the same time. But I feel the character of Ram Lal, Amar’s father could have been expressed in a better way. There are many things about him which were left unanswered by the author. Also at some points the story seems to drag for a bit but author soon seems to get hold of the story and makes it an interesting and engaging read. The twist and turns of events some of which is totally unexpected keeps you completely hooked to the book and makes it even more difficult for you to guess the ending of the book.

Author: Rajeev Pundir

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

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