Review of Rapid Fall

rapid fall

Thank you Naheed for the book.

Rapid Fall is the story of JD and Sonia. JD is a divorcee, commitment phobic and workaholic. His marriage failed because he never communicated well and gave more time to his work than his marriage. Sonia is a thirty year old virgin who believes in commitment and won’t go into a relationship until she is hundred percent sure of it.
Both of them meet in Rishikesh and the sparks flow between the two instant they met. They are physically attracted to each other and instead of giving into his physical needs; JD pushed Sonia away by giving a cold shoulder to her.
Both of them meets again in Mumbai and gives a second chance to the relationship but will JD be able to get over his commitment phobia and will Sonia feels that this relationship is worth of investing her emotions?
Review: The title of this love story is so intriguing and suitable to the story. Kudos to the author for excellent writing and mesmerizing the beautiful scenery of Rishikesh in the book. The author has chosen the wonderful set-up for her story. What can be more majestic and adventurous then the rapid falls of Rishikesh? The book brought back my memories of rafting and the adventure I had with my friends. We don’t have the naïve girls and boys in the book but rather a set of strong characters who knows what they want. The book is a spicy mix of romance, battle-of-wits, humor and raw desire with added affection of tender love and relationships.

Author: Adiana Ray

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Indireads

Format: E-book

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